Full Alpine Rock Rack
Full Alpine Rock Rack

__  22" Runner  w/ Biners (4-6 total)
__  Long Quick draws (4-6 total)
__  Tricams x 4 (Pink, Red, Brown, Purple)
__  Nuts (full set)
__  Medium / Large Cams BD or equivalent: (#0.5, #0.75, #1, #2)
__  Small Cams Metolius or equivalent: (#1, #2)
__  Rappel device w/ Locking carabiner
__  Prussic cord / Cordellettes (6mm x 16 feet)   
__  Gear sling              
This is what I use as a full Alpine rock rack on multi-pitch routes up to
5.6 - 5.8.

Increase the numbers of runners and quick draws according to nature
of route, if there are a lot of rocks / horns to sling, then increase
number of runners. If you know a particular route crux has a spot for a
larger cam then add it in....use your judgement as what to take or leave.

This rack as listed weighs about 5 pounds.