Full Ice Rack
Full Ice Rack

__  Technical Ice Tools
__  Technical Crampons
__  13cm Ice Screws x 4 - 6
__  15cm Ice Screws x 4 - 6
__  22cm Ice Screw (for building "V-threads")
__  Screamers / Quick draws x 8 - 10
__  Specter Hook (Optional)
__  Prussic / cordellette x 2 (6mm x 16 ft)
__  Belay device
__  Pear shaped Locking Carabiners x 3- 4
__  Plastic "Clipper Carabiners" x 2 (Cheap and
       way to rack screws on your harness)
This rack is enough gear to get you up nearly any single or multi-pitch
waterfall in the U.S. and Canada.

You may want to adjust the length of screws according to the
conditions, but this usually means going with shorter screws rather
than longer screws. If the ice is so soft you think you need the 22cm
"monster" screws, your axe placements are usually so bomber you will
not be placing much pro anyway.

Add 2 8-8.5mm ropes (1/2 ropes are better than twins) and you are set.
Why 2 ropes? Climb much ice and you will see how the double ropes
reduce fall factors and allow easier wandering travel. Once you get
used a double rope system, you will rarely climb on a single.
Ice Climbing #1 Rule:

"The leader MUST NOT FALL"
(Good screws in Bomber ice will hold a substantial whipper, but you are a
very brave person to test this theory)